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Highland Fling Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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It seems as though the world of fashion has a direct tap into my brain right now, and is pulling out all my childhood fashion nightmares for recycling.
Last week I was talking about nauticals, now it seems that checks and tartans are making a comeback. Er… why??

As the child of a Scottish father (albeit without an accent or any particular passion for the place), in the 80s, the tartan kilt-skirt came second only to the sailor suit when it came to ‘smart wear’. In fact, it may even have usurped the sailor suit on several occasions, especially when visiting family above the border. I remember many instances where the hideous outfit – kilt, complete with ridiculous oversized decorative pin, teamed with white polo neck or (arg!) itchy arran jumper – was trotted out over the years. I believe there was even a trip to a kilt shop once, possibly the Edinburgh Woollen Mill, where we were supposed to ooh and aah over the different tartans on offer (for the record, my father’s family falls into the ‘Hunting Stuart’ bracket). And the least said about the evening of Scottish Country Dancing the better…. (more…)