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Quick Archetype Cosmetics Update Friday, March 6, 2009

Posted by kittylamour in Cometics, Reviews.

I’ve had a few messages from people asking me how I’ve gotten on with Archetype cosmetics. Some time back there was a big blow up about how it was taking months to ship orders, orders didn’t arrive etc etc.
After this, Holly took on a lady named Kelli to help fill orders and keep up with emails and things got better – on 1st January they were supposedly down to a two and a half week backlog, and turnaround time was due to be down to 1 week.
However – there have been no more updates since then.

My advice? Trust your own instinct. If you want to place an order, email them first to ask about turnaround time so you have a definite answer from them, and be prepared to keep in contact if need be.

Personally, I love the colours I have from them – the texture is nice, they are well pigmented and the sparklies are dense and vibrant (nothing worse than getting a sparkly colour that doesn’t sparkle!). The price is also so low that I am willing to wait for them to turn up. However, that’s my personal opinion – it you don’t want to wait, you may be better off not ordering.

Ciao for now kitty-cats x



1. The Edge of Sanity - Tuesday, March 17, 2009

You have been nominated by The Edge of Sanity that YOUR BLOG IS FABULOUS!! To accept the nomination, follow the rules in the linked post, and have fun!

2. Chi - Monday, April 27, 2009

I’ve just placed my first order with this company. We’ll see. There are SO Many colours I want in full size…(after seeing swatches/reviews on youtube)

I placed just a small order to start to see the shipping times. I understand a small company getting overwhlemed. But I also see it as gather some volunteers to help your business grow.

Friends/Family….hell even posted on the site (need help! looking for blah blah blah) a new company getting off the ground in a grass roots kind of way can pull alot of sympathy/empathy from it’s clients who will forever be loyal.

Overlooking that can be your downfall.

So here’s crossing my fingers for a “reasonable” delivery date.

will keep you up to date on my progress.

3. Chi - Sunday, May 3, 2009

I just recently ordered from Archetype. I understand how a small business can be slow when the owner has another job that pays her bills. So I’m patient.

I sent an email requesting information on their backlog before placing my order. I received an email from Kelli letting me know this would be her last day as email correspondent. (End of April, 2009). I was informed that they have processed the orders through to end-of March 2009. To give you an idea of how far behind they are.

So they are about 4 weeks before orders may be completed.

4. Leah Daves - Monday, May 11, 2009

I ordered from Archetype on March 20, 2009. The eight week mark is coming up this Friday the 15th, and I have to admit I am getting a little antsy. I have been corresponding with Kelli, and have sent two emails this month to check on the status of my order since it’s getting so close to time, but have had no response! Im wondering if my order should be here already since they have processed orders through the end of March over a week ago. Hmmm.. That really agitates me, especially since I have been so patient with them. I am going to wait one more week after Friday and then file a paypal claim. Here’s hoping I don’t have to. Has anyone ever NOT received an order from Archetype?

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