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Sorry!! Friday, July 11, 2008

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Sorry for not posting for so long.. I’ve been kinda ill and kinda busy.. I have been trying to take swatch pics, but as yet I haven’t managed any photos of pigments or lip glosses that actually show the true colour enough to make them worth posting 😀

I’m trying to work on a few things soon though, including more eyeshadow swatches (mainly NYX) and trying to swatch my lippies too. I’ve also been reading a few other fantastic blogs – http://www.scrangie.com for nail polish goodness, and Memoirs of a Shopping Addict (http://christianadivine.blogspot.com/), and I’ll be adding them both to my Blog List. If you don’t read them already, go check them out whilst I’m being so rubbish at posting 🙂