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What Do You Want To See Next? Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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Anyone who has visited Kitty’s Closet regularly (and I’m hoping there are some of you!) may have noticed I’m a little, er, erratic with my posts. It tends to happen that I’ll have several days or a week when I’m really busy, or distracted, and I don’t post anything, and then – like today – when I have nothing doing and do several posts at once. So, I’m trying to get a bit more organised and write posts in advance so I can then publish them more evenly. So far I have a review and swatches of LA Colors 5 Color Metallic Eye Palettes waiting in the wings, but I thought I’d ask – what do you want to see?

More makeup looks? Continuing tutorials? Swatches and stash pics? Opinion articles (like Highland Fling and Nausteating Nauticals)? I have a lot of nail polish swatch pics already waiting to be published from my time on Makeup Alley and am also hoping to review/swatch some of the following: NYX lipsticks (I also have glosses but they are proving harder to photograph); pigment swatches; Benefit cream eyeshadows; new Sleek ‘Inkpot’ Gel Eyeliners; Benefit silky finish lipsticks.

Anyway, if there is anyone reading 😉 let me know what you want to see! xxx



1. Liis - Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I really and truly need some good advice as to how to cover blemishes with MMU… I think it impossible but apparently some have managed quite well. My result is a slightly lighter patch just around the corrected area that remains a little bit too noticeable. But if I buff and blend it, the blemish is uncovered again.
Thank you in advance,


2. kittylamour - Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hi Liis.
I’ll do my best, although I’m not as au fait with MMU as I am with normal makeup. I’ll work on a post about concealing this week 😀 In the meantime, what concealer are you using, and how are you applying? 9 times out of 10 if your concealer is showing up like that it’s because the colour is wrong but if you could give me some more info I’ll do my best to help 😀
Kitty xx

3. Liis - Friday, June 27, 2008

Hi Kitty,

Right now I have MAD Minerals light concealer, Signature Minerals light touch and soft mint concealers (the latter is almost white), and EDM fair intensive concealer. I found out I get better results when I mix the MAD concealer with MAD foundation, mix it into a paste with a little water and then apply.
If I just use the concealer pur then there will be a white spot so your guess was right. The trick is to match the concealer’s tone, because MMU foundation will never have the coverage to cover the white spot on it’s own.
I really need to learn how to get good coverage with MMU without looking as if someone dropped me in a pot of flour…

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