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Hot Pop Nails Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Posted by kittylamour in Cometics, Fashion, Opinions & articles.
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It’s summer (at last!) and the shops are full of brightly coloured clothes and accessories. From bright neons to crayon-box colours and pretty pastels, colour is most definitely where it’s at this season, as this selection from New Look proves.

The question is, would you take these colours as far as your beauty regime, and in particular your nails? I for one am a huge fan of brightly coloured nails. As an ex-nail technician I have a collection of polishes to rival Imelda Marcos’ shoe stash, and as such I have a big collection of bright colours, everything from sunny yellow to neon pink to cool turquoise. IMO there’s nothing hotter against a tan than a splash of colour. 

These two images represent some of my favourite sunshine colours, and I don’t just mean for toes. I’ve even been known to sport a two-tone look (right now my toes alternate between Orly Swizzle stick, shown above, and OPI Gargantuan Green Grape), or a five different colours on my fingers (known in nail polish fan circles as Skittle Nails after the sweets). Although that may be a bit much for some, I think summer’s the perfect time to experiment with a little colour. And afterall, if you really don’t like it all you need is a bit of polish remover and it’s already gone!!



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