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Foundation Masterclass Part 2 – choosing a type Wednesday, June 11, 2008

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A little late, but better late than never.. Part 2 of the Foundation Masterclass is all about choosing your type of base.
There are a lot of ‘sub types’ to choose from, but I’m grouping them into the general categories of:
Liquid; Stick; Powder; Cream and Mousse.

Liquid Foundationis one of the most common, and also the most versatile. This is partly due to the fact that formulations have become a lot more advanced and so there are so many types on the market – for dry skin, oily skin, ageing skin, tired skin… You can get anti-ageing versions, ones with light reflecting pigments, those that promise to mattify oily skin, or moisturise dry. It is also relatively easy to apply and comes in many different coverage types. As such it’s probably the best bet for most people.

Stick foundationis less common, and more often that not has a heavier coverage. The benefits of stick foundation is that it is more directional – simply ‘draw’ it onto the skin and then blend in. You can scribble on your whole face and then blend (I tend to recommend doing ‘war paint’ marks – one streak down the nose, two on each cheek, one on the chin and two horizontal lines across the forehead – for even face coverage), but you can then easily add more to individual areas. It’s also more convenient to carry around for touch-ups, but is often either one extreme or the other: quite drying (such as Benefit Playsticks – good coverage, but dries to a powder finish), or rather greasy.

Powder foundation is good for oily to normal skins but very rarely a good idea on dry skin. With the exception of some of the newer mineral foundations (but that’s a whole different ballgame), most powder foundations give a light to medium coverage and are better suited to skins with excess oil or moisture to absorb. On dry skins or with cheaper brands you can end up with a horrible, powdery finish that is ageing and far from flattering. Powder foundations can be a good starting point on young skin, especially teenagers, as it stays better on oily skin and provides a lighter coverage.

Cream or mousse foundationis one of the funny areas, as it depends much more on the individual product. Traditionally cream foundations were better on dry skin as they were more moisturising, but many of the new ‘matte mousse’ formulas can be quite dry with a powdery finish. Brands such as Mabelline’s Dream Matte Mousse has proved popular on normal to oily skins but would be no good on mature skin as it tends to gather in lines and wrinkles.

As a general go-to I would recommend a liquid foundation for 99% of people as it is so much easier to find a type that is suitable for you skin. In the next class, I’ll be talking about applying liquid foundation, and what tools to use.



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