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Foundation Masterclass Part 1 – choosing your coverage Sunday, June 1, 2008

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Foundation, base, whatever you want to call it, as the name suggests this is the building block upon which the rest of your makeup look relies. No matter how good your skin, if you want to create a really good look you should always use a building block of some kind to start on, but there are so many products around, where on earth do you start?

First things first – type of base. The key thing to decide first is the type of coverage you want. If you have good skin that just needs a bit of evening out in terms of tone, look for something with words such as ‘sheer’ or ‘light coverage’, or something like a tinted moisturiser. My personal favourite it Benefit Cosmetic’s Some Kind-A Gorgeous. It now comes in two shades – original and deep – and blends to match your skintone. Very fair skins or darker skins will probably find you may sit outside its colour boundaries (unfortunately Benefit has quite a limited range when it comes to darker skins in particular) but for most caucasian skin types and olive tones, this product is fab. It gives your skin a beautiful ‘finished’ look but is very lightweight and easy to use, and when finished with a bit of translucent powder it lasts well too. Other favoured high-street brands are Collection 2000 Sheer Coverage, Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser.
If you want more coverage and something longer lasting, for example

if you want your foundation to last all day at work or for a night out or event, or if you have more uneven skintone that you want to cover, look for a medium coverage foundation, and something that boasts longevity. I love Revlon Colourstay but there are many on the market. If you’re new to this game, ask around friends and relatives for recommendations – word of mouth is worth far more than any advertising campaign if you really want the truth.

Heavy coverage, for covering problems such as rosacea, acne scarring, pigmentation problems etc, is best found in a more expensive brand. There are two options – go for a ‘theatrical’ or specialist brand that is designed to cover any and every mark for the camera, such as Coverderm, Dermablend, Ben Nye or Charles Fox. If the areas you want to cover are small-to-medium then a scar-covering concealer like Dermablend could work, followed by a medium coverage foundation. Alternatively, MAC do a fantastic range of full-coverage products. I worked alongside a girl who had hyperpigmentation and bad rosacea and who would frequently swipe off a section of her foundation to show it to customers… because the coverage was so good they didn’t believe she had any skin problems underneath. If you are looking for heavy coverage then my strong advice would be to go and visit some of the makeup counters. They may be pricier, but in this instance it is money well spent.

Deciding on your coverage is the first thing you need to do, even before you start to colour-match, because it will help narrow down a very wide range of choices into something more manageable. But, I won’t bombard you with too much typing for now, so that’s where I’m going to finish for today. Next time – Part 2: choosing your medium!




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