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Mineral Makeup Reviews – Eye pigments part 2 Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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A little later than originally promised, and I apologise. I have no excuse, well, no good one, anyway. I don’t think the fact that I’ve been watching back-to-back episodes of NCIS counts…

Anyway, swiftly on to my review. If you haven’t read it yet, check out part one in which explained how I use mineral pigments, and reviews MAD Minerals, Fyrinnae, and Pure Luxe. In this review I’m looking at two companies – Taylor Made Minerals, and Archetype Cosmetics.

Taylor Made Minerals
Product 4 out of 5
Service 3.5 out of 5
Packaging 3 out of 5
I bought sample jars when I purchased from TMM for the simple (and somewhat irritating) reason that at the time you couldn’t order a mix of samples and full sizes. I’m not sure if this has changed – judging by the site which now lists shipping prices per item I would guess so but at the time it wasn’t the case.
In general, I can’t really fault TMM. Their colour payoff is good and the texture is nice. The only issue I had was that their colour range seemed a little lacking in imagination, and several colours didn’t seem to live up to the pictures on the site. They have a range of swatch pics (applied wet), an image of the powder itself, and a variety of images showing the colours worn as part of a makeup look, but ultimately I was a little disappointed in the colours I got. However, as this is only a personal opinion I can’t fault them points-wise for it.

Archetype Cosmetics
Product 5 out of 5
Service currently 1 out of 5
Packaging N/A
Archetype Cosmetics…. oh, how bittersweet an experience. I placed my first order with these guys (or should I say gal) back on 1st April, and received an automated reply. On the 3rd I got an email from them saying that shipping time was running at approx 3-3.5 weeks from date of order. And then…. nothing…. I sent a couple of emails asking them if I could add more items to my order.. no reply. The website was peridocially updated to keep customers updated of shipping time, which – despite the maintained ‘approx 3-3.5 week’ line was actually running at more like 5 weeks if you went by the dates they were publishing. Come May 1st, I decided to place a second order for some more items. Now, the colour choice and price at this place is great. Samples are only 25 cents each and so I decided to order multiples of several colours to give me a good amount to play with. At the time I asked them if it was possible to fast track this order (yes, yes, cheeky I know!) and ship these items with my original order. No reply… and this time not even a personal confirmation..

Now my original order arrived just this week with a postal date of 17th May. A whole month and a half since my order date. They’d given me some extra samples, I guess as a goodwill gesture, which was nice of them, but didn’t really make up for the late shipping. I emailed them the same day to check that they had received my second order as I still didn’t have a confirmation from them, only my PayPal receipt. Still nothing.
Now you may think I’m being unprofessional posting this here, and my intention certainly isn’t to slam or badmouth the company as I’m sure they have their reasons, but I have to be honest. If they had said that order turnaround time was going to be around 40 days (44 to be exact), I may or may not have reviewed my decision to order. I certainly would have felt more comfortable if they’d answered my emails. I’ve had bad experiences with companies before (orders going missing, never being replaced, and my emails being ignored), so I get a little ansty when people go incommunicado. My experience may be a one-off, but on the off chance that it’s not, I can’t very well review a company and leave out what happened.

So, why the bittersweet? Well, the colours that I did receive I utterly adore. They shimmer, they sparkle, the colours are unusual, beautifully pigmented and in general, gorgeous. The texture is fabulous. And the prices are to die for. So I am now left in quandry – do I continue to order, be patient, bite my tongue, take a few chill pills whilst my order takes its time to arrive and just revel in the fact that I love the products when they arrive? Answers on a postcard please….



1. Liis - Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hello Kitty,

Thanks for the posts – after reading them I visited the Archetype website and went through a terrible shopping madness – ordered pretty much everything… And I must also agree with you – their prices are to die for. I would like to ask if you had any foundation samples from there too and if then how do they feel and look like?

Since you seem to know a lot about MMU, I’d like to ask you about foundations: MAD has foundations, concealers, correctors, veils and the SPF veil too: is it really necessary to purchase them all? The Archetype claims that only one product is necessary to achieve the perfect finish.
I would very much like to read your opinions on miscellaneous affordable foundations as well…

Looking forward to read some of your stuff again soon,

2. kittylamour - Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thanks for the feedback. I hope you like the Archetype colours and I’ve love to hear how you get on with their service.
To be honest I’m not actually an MMU expert – I have far more eye pigments than anything else, but I’ll do my best. I’m working on a series of posts for my Foundation Masterclass right now and I will cover mineral foundations in it. In general I would say that MMU is not so different to normal foundation and base products in that you use what you feel you need. Just like a normal foundation, you can easily get good coverage from a single product without concealers and correctors if you don’t have any problems that you need to work out. As for veils and finishing powders, that tends to depend on the brand – some brands NEED a setting powder to finish them in the way that many liquid foundations do, but others don’t. My best advice would be to try samples and see what you think, but right now I am personally just as happy with my usual liquid foundation!! xx

3. Samantha - Monday, June 9, 2008

Archetype– beautiful colours, but NO communication.

They left out one item in my order. I have emailed them, nicely, 5 times– every few days to a week, not a bombardment by any means. Took over a month to receive my order, never responded to emails asking for an estimated arrival.

items were placed in an envelope with no invoice or packing list.

I wonder if I will ever get the missing item.

Not comfortable oredering from them and can’t in good consciousness recommend them until I get at least one email reply to my numerous queries.

-1 service, sadly. I would have happily purchased many full sized products from them had they only communicated better.

4. Liis - Friday, June 27, 2008

I found a new place to buy very cheap eye shadows: SimplyNaturals e-bay shop. 1,6 USD a piece if you buy a set of 7: small jars, full. Colors are pretty although I made the mistake of ordering couple of warm colors which do not compliment my complexion at all.

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