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Mineral Makeup Reviews – Eye Pigments part 1 Friday, May 9, 2008

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First of all let me say that I am not a big user of mineral makeup as a whole. I have one foundation set that I use occasionally, but personally I prefer liquid or even greasepaint foundation, and I already have enough ‘normal’ blushers, lipsticks and glosses to sink several battleships. Nor am I particularly bothered (although maybe I should be) about the benefits of mineral makeup per se.

However, being a complete colour junkie I am a sucker for pigment eyeshadows, and any internet search will reveal a wealth of online companies selling mineral and pigment eyeshadows. So, where on earth to you start?? I don’t claim to be an authority on product, but as both a personal and professional user I do have a lot of experience to draw on. Do remember, though, that these are all my PERSONAL experiences and opinions, so don’t get mad if you don’t like them 😉

So far I have ordered colours from Pure Luxe Cosmetics, MAD Minerals, Fyrinnae, Taylor Made Minerals, and Archetype Cosmetics (links all available – look right!). As a rule I only order sample sizes as a) I always like to try before I commit to a whole jar and b) I have so many colours and work with such a huge variety of them that it’s rare I will need a whole jar unless the colour is particularly fabulous or turns into a complete staple. So, here goes my reviewing. Right now I’ll review 3 to save your eyes.. and my fingers!

MAD Minerals:
Product Rating 5 out of 5
Service 5 out of 5
Packaging N/A
To date I have ordered 30 samples of eye colour from MAD, and I have only found two – yes TWO – that I am not a huge fan of. For these two shades (Moody and Berry Spice, in case you are interested) I didn’t think they resembled their colour descriptions at all. Moody was meant to be a pearl/shimmer with iridescence but for the one I received was matte (packing error? bad batch? or just a bad description? I don’t know), and Berry Spice was much more of a brick colour than a berry. Otherwise I have ordered a range of glitters, shimmers, bright colours, light colours.. and all have met or exceded expectations.
I order from MAD in little baggies rather than jars, as I decant all my colours into stacking pots anyway, and you get lower shipping on only buying baggies. Each bag has a removable printed label (easy to take off and stick on something else) in a clear font. The best(!) thing about the baggies is how much better the colours apply one than they do through the plastic. Many times I’ve thought “oh, is that it?” when looking at the colour in a bag, only to go “wow!” when it’s actually put on.
The colour pay-off is great, shimmers are always nice and obvious (I hate it when I buy a colour that supposedly has a shimmer, or a different coloured iridescence, and you can’t see it), and the texture is lovely.
The two non-pigment products I’ve ordered, the indelible gel eyeliner and the eyeshadow primer base, have also been good.
Service has always been fantastic – although no shipping confirmation is given my orders always ship and arrive very quickly, always with a free sample, and no spillages.
So far, MAD is definitely my favourite pigment company!

Pure Luxe
Product 2 out of 5
Service 4 out of 5
Packaging 4 out of 5
In sad contrast to MAD, Pure Luxe have proven to be my least favourite company. I say sad because I know lots of people love them, and their site offered so much promise, but when it came to the crunch I just found their products very disappointing.
Pure Luxe breaks their site down into colour groups, with fantastic photographs and colour descriptions. Spurred on, I ordered approx 15 samples, but when they arrived only 3 actually lived up to the hype. As a whole I found the texture quite chalky; colours that were meant to be shimmer were matte, sparkles were sparser than h2O in the Ghobi desert, and colour pay-off was poor. I did purchase their calamine facial bar and their ‘Eraser’ skin primer which I adore, but I honestly won’t be buying their eye colours again.

Product 4 out of 5
Service 3 out of 5
Packaging 3 out of 5
Fyrinnae was the first mineral company I bought from, after hearing them raved about on the internet. At the time I was looking for unusal colours – things with clashing coloured sparkles, interesting shimmers etc, and Fyrinnae sure has a lot of those.
In terms of product quality I can’t fault them. Like MAD, they have great texture and colour pay-off. The only downside with having such unusual colours, though, is the fact that most of the time you can’t see what really makes them unique unless you are in bright sunlight or really good lighting. The rest of the time it’s mainly the base colour you see. Indoors, black with purple looks the same as black with green sparkle or black with gold sparkle 😦
Unfortunately the downside with ordering from Fyrinnae is that as they are so popular, turn-around time from ordering to shipping can be anything up to 40 business days, which, when you’re impatient like me, or need product in a hurry (like when you up-end a jar all over your carpet…) is a real turn-off. I can’t comment on how Fyrinnae run their business, as it’s none of mine, but one would hope that given their evident popularity they might consider expanding their staff soon to cope with backlogs and so reduce turn-around time.
I also gave a 3 out of 5 for the packaging as several of my sample jars had loose lids and have subsequently leaked over my makeup bag. I’m hoping this is only a problem for sample sized jars.

Coming soon – reviews for Taylor Made Minerals and Archetype Cosmetics.



1. Camelia - Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thanks for your reviews on these. You should try LaurEss eyeshadows. Excellent color payoff and fast shipping.

2. kittylamour - Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thanks Camelia. I’ll be writing my other reviews today, I hope they’re as useful!

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