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Look of the Day: Cupcake Princess Friday, May 9, 2008

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Spring/summer catwalks were filled with brightly coloured make-up looks. My personal favourite collection was John Galliano’s, with a variety of looks I like to call ‘Marie Antoinette meets Miss Haversham’. (Check out the looks on Style.com – http://www.style.com/fashionshows/collections/S2008RTW/detail/thumb/JNGALLNO )

In honour of Galliano’s collection I have created the Cupcake Princess look.

Cupcake Princess

A bit theatrical for everyday wear perhaps 🙂 but it could be easily toned down for both daytime and a night out, especially with the wig out of the equation…! Here’s how to get the look:

*I try to mention a selection of products that are available in both the US and the UK so you can always find an alternative to use. Although a UK resident myself I do buy a lot of cosmetics from the US – check out my links to see where I shop*

The key to the look is a flawless, pale face. Skin was thoroughly cleansed and moisturised beforehand and the moisturiser allowed to sink in for 15 minutes before any more makeup was applied. I used MEMEME Perfecting Base Primer which has a slight iridescence to it, but there are loads on the market. Particularly oily
skin or skin with enlarged pores might want to try Benefit’s Dr Feelgood or Pure Luxe Cometics’ Eraser. If you already have great skin, a moisturiser with a slight shimmer like Superdrug’s Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream or Oil Of Olay have several whose names don’t spring to mind right now!

After primer use foundation up to 1 shade lighter than your normal skintone (no lighter though, unless you want to look like a corpse!). The trick to this, and to foundation in general, is to match the colour to your NECK, not your face. Most people tend not to do this as they feel the face then ends up looking too pale and washed out. Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, but that’s what blusher and bronzer are for! Better to match your neck and then add more colour where you need it than end up with a tell-tale tideline, but I’ll be going through all that in my Foundation Masterclass…

For the eyes I used two palettes – LA Colours 5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow Palette – in Tease and Wildflower but any bright colours will do. I’d rate NYX’s single or trio eyeshadows, Barry M Dazzle Dust, Sleek loose shadows. For this look I used pale pink over the whole eye area as a base, and added shading and countouring in the crease line and outer corner with shades of deeper pink and purple. I then lined the outer corner of the eye (upper and lower lashes) in purple, and the mid-section in turquoise. The inner corner of the eye was highlighted with a bright yellow-gold, making sure the colour was taken right into the hollow between the eye and the side of the nose. Drama was added with false eyelashes – mine are by Stargazer but many other companies do the exact same design including Elise. Just looked for ‘feathered’ or ‘winged’ lashes.

The lip look was created with 3 NYX Diamond Sparkle lipsticks – Velvet, Flower, and Orchid. Velvet was applied over the whole lip, Flower to the inner 2/3s, and Orchid right in the centre. Blend a little with a lipbrush to smudge any harsh edges, and you automatically get the cutesy rosebud look. Be careful if you already have small lips, however, as this look can make them look smaller. The best way to do this look is using a semi-sheer lipstick which will allow you to layer and blend more easily. Benefit’s Silky Finish lipsticks have this kind of consistency, whilst Miss Sporty Twinkle Shine lipstick is a much cheaper alternative, but there are many more on the market.

To finish the look, use a rosey pink blusher such as NYX Mosaic Blusher in Rosey or NYC Mosaic Face Powder in Pink Cheep Glow to contour under the cheekbones, and a highlighter such as Benefit Highbeam or MEMEME Beat The Blues Highlighter in pink, on the cheekbones, browbone and cupid’s bow.

What do you think?

Is the multi-coloured eye trend something you are likely to try out?



1. cynthia - Wednesday, June 11, 2008

this looks so awesome! look forward to more looks from you!

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